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Even My Doctor Wanted To Know How I Did It!

My name is Beth, and I was that woman who used to eat whatever I wanted.

Pizza, Pasta, Carbs and even Sweets!

That is, until I hit my 40's and everything changed..

My once-fast metabolism turned slower than a 3-legged turtle...

I had a BIG problem.

Now, I've had the same doctor for close to 25 years...

She watched my scale numbers creep up slowly. She had given me advice to try to reverse it. But it had only gotten worse. I was sad, and even though I had been married to the same man for decades... I felt very alone. 

I experienced:

  • Body Aches and Pain
  • Zero Energy
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Bloating and Gas

I hated the way I looked in the only clothes that fit me. I even had my husband take the full length mirrors out of the house and put them in storage!

I was completely miserable.

My doctor and I would have the routine discussion every six months when I'd come in for my regular check-ups. Even though my blood work was normal, she was VERY concerned about my health.

She would to point to my belly and tell me, 'that right there takes years off people's lives...'

She talked about diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

And to give her credit, I really did try to do what she said...

I read the books, and followed the so called 'experts' on the big websites.

I had been on countless meal plans.

A dozen or more 30-day challenges.

I was even considering surgery to try shed some of the uncomfortable baggage.

Some of the things I tried were so hard that I would give up after a few days or weeks. Then there were the times I would drop 40 on the scale, but it wouldn't last long.

I would plateau for a day.

Then a week..

And then it would start creeping up again and I'd pile on a few more so I was even worse off then when I started!

I felt awful.

But Then, One Lucky Day, My Transformation Began...

Last year, we had a local meeting with elected officials from our school district in Northern Sacramento, California.

School teachers from the surrounding districts came, and among them was my old friend Susan. I'm a librarian and Susan used to work with me years back, but I barely even recognized her!

Susan was MUCH bigger than me back then, and she struggled to make it down the hallway with her students.

But now she looked vibrant and full of energy. She must have lost at least half her size. 😍

She had a smile from ear to ear and she looked absolutely gorgeous.

I couldn't believe it, and when they called her to the stage to introduce our guest, her confidence and grace was mesmerizing.

I sat there with my jaw half-open wondering what she must have done to get those kind of results.

I was jealous, and from the silence in the room, so were most of the women there.

But even so, I felt a slight tinge of hope...

I knew that if she could do it, I could do it too! So at the first chance I got, I walked right up to her and blurted out, "How did you do it? I have to know!"

She smiled almost mischievously and told me to meet her the next day at our local sandwich shop where we used to eat lunch together...

At lunch, she told me the story of how her situation had gotten even worse after she moved up north. So she talked to her nutritionist, and learned about this "unusual breakfast tonic" that basically saved her life.

She explained that my weight gain wasn't my fault, and that there was a researched-backed, breakfast tonic that could help.

"Now," she said, "with this simple morning breakfast tonic, I got my life back!"

She gave me all the information, but I still had my doubts.

But looking at her results, it was undeniable. Her confidence alone was enough to nudge me into giving it a shot.

Honestly, I had become desperate. I was still considering that dreaded operation. I figured I owed to it myself to at least find out more..

I Am Glad I Did, Because I Am Loving Life Again!

Meeting with Susan and seeing her completely changed life was the push I needed to follow through.

Now it has been about six months since I started the "unusual breakfast tonic."

I am down to the same dress size I wore in college. I have so much energy. My smile is contagious, and I have so much fun everywhere I go!

My husband also started trying it about three months ago, and he's on track to get even better results than I have!

Since we started this unusual breakfast tonic, our results have been mind-blowing: 😲

  • Eat whatever foods we want while skipping the guilt trip.
  • Body aches have all but disappeared.
  • More energy and a genuine passion for living.
  • Better quality time with each other and our grandkids.
  • Cravings are a thing of the past.
  • Our relationship has been set back on fire... 🔥

I can't even begin to tell you how much this has done for me and my family.

I want to share this with anyone who will listen, and pay it forward, like Susan did for me!

To Your Health and Dreams,