How I Discovered The Missing Link In

My Disastrous Western Diet

Hello, for those who do not know me, my name is Susan Atlee. I

am 45 years old, and all my life, I have been on the…heavier side.

Before discovering my breakthrough morning routine and follow

this new career, I used to be a dental assistant in St.Louis,


Allow me to tell you how hitting rock bottom can change our

life (and why we must never reach this point).

Two years ago, I was on vacation with my family.

I was sitting in the hotel pool when I heard my son yelling, MOMMY


I jumped up and ran as fast as my legs would take me, but I could

not run fast enough!

My weight slowed me down. Then, a sharp pain erupted from my

left knee.

As I collapsed on the ground, my heart was pounding like a rock


I knew it was already too late! What happened next is difficult and painful to tell.

Many months in rehabilitation from a gruesome heart attack. Away from my family. Lonely and scared.

Still, THIS event would lead me to discover something remarkable.

Committed to save myself for me and my family, I started a journey

with my brother Mark.

Our adventure led us to Okinawa, Japan where we discovered a

breakthrough morning routine which caused me to gain instant

control over my scale, food intake, and carb cravings.

This natural solution caused me and my brother Mark to win many

awards since making it public.

This is a simple morning ritual which:

Reduces appetite

Enhances Metabolic Rate

Increases Energy Levels

Using this for a few months I instantly supported healthy blood

pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

I was able to wear my favorite clothes again!

Friends and family members were stunned by my new slim and

toned body!

The robust solution my brother Mark and I stumbled on:

Is Not A Diet

Is Not A Workout

Is Not A Magic Pill

Is Not An Odd Gadget

It is a straightforward, natural solution that came from the most unexpected source.

A 3000-year-old tonic that dates right back to the time of the

ancient native tribes of Japan.

In Okinawa, Japan men and women have ALL an amazing balanced weight and are ALL extremely fit for their age!

At the same time, Okinawa has the longest life expectancy in the


Why? Because of the odd use of a local red flower!

Now, after everything we have discovered there, we wanted to

make this solution available to everyone and that is exactly what

we did!

Now, after everything we have discovered there, we wanted to

make this solution available to everyone and that is exactly what

we did!

Check this out…

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